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Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and thanks as well to all the artists who gave work to the fundraiser! Investigate was a success because of you, our community and your generosity. We want you to know all proceeds go towards programming and artist support and we look forward to exhibitions, talks and seminars in the coming year made possible by your donations!

¬†Investigate guests at ManyLabs science/art co-work space in San Francisco–as always we’re working hard on securing new sites for shows and appreciate your encouragement over the years.

For any who missed the event, there are still a few pieces available. Peruse the works below and click HERE if you’d like to learn more about the artists and add any of these pieces to your collection and support OFFSpace!

“Untitled 1”, by Marya Krogstad, digital print on archival clear film from “Bonaventure Video” 5×4 framed, retail $499 —Support OFFSpace price $300

“Dam-Friuli 2” by Gioj De Marco, watercolour on rag, 30×22 framed, retail $1200 —Support OFFSpace price $850

“The Hero”, by Marie-Pier Frigon, archival pigment print, 12×16 framed, retail $875 —Support OFFSpace price $600

“The Innocent” by Marie-Pier Frigon, archival pigment print, 12×16 framed, retail $875 —Support OFFSpace price $600

“Topsy Turvey” by Claudia Huenchuleo, archival pigment print of hand-cut collage 21×27 mounted, retail $800 —Support OFFSpace price $550

“Fairmont Girls #3” by Goody-B Wiseman,¬†pigment print/pen and ink on newsprint, 22×24 framed, retail price $650 Support OFFSpace price $300

“Untitled” by Jan Blythe, Oil on linen, 11×9″ retail $500 —Support OFFSpace price $300

“Cross the Line 8” by Jan Blythe, oil and enamel on wood, 10×8″ retail $600 —Support OFFSpace price $400

“Cone Cell (Green)” by Alexis Arnold, resin, concrete, spray paint, 7 height x 17″base diameter retail $600 —Support OFFSpace price $400

“Broken” by Diane Chung, archival pigment print 24×24 framed, retail $600– Support OFFSpace price $400

“Elitrea” by Linda Trunzo, oil on linen, 20×16 retail $800 — Support OFFSpace price $350